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The National Curriculum 2014 provides the most essential ingredients for learning and as an Academy we have chosen to continue with this as the foundation on which to build a curriculum unique to the children, families and community we serve.  In addition to this staff at Raysnford offer many opportunities to extend, enrich and enhance the curriculum through a creative approach.  We believe this provides the children with relevant and connected opportunities to bring learning alive. 

Our aim is to provide the children of Raynsford with the skills needed for the fast changing times which we live in, as well as the ability to effectively apply these skills to a variety of real life situations.  Most especially, we want to provide all in our care the opportunity to become successful, confident and responsible individuals who will feel valued for their own unique talents.

 Please click on the links below to see the National Curriculum content of each year group.


Year 1 

Year 2 

Year 3 

Year 4 

Each year group plans a topic and sends out a copy of the curriculum map.  Please go to class pages to see the most update curriculum map and how you can help your child further.

Each area of the curriculum is very important to us.  The core subjects are English, Maths, Science and RE.  These are essential skills that all children must have to enable them to contribute effectively within the community and the wider world.  As a result of this, a significant amount of time is given to learning the skills and then using and applying them. 

We challenge the children to achieve through excellence and enjoyment.  This is then followed up with a celebration of their achievements whether academic, creative or personal and social. This follows on from and supports our mission statement.

 Apart from this, we divide the curriculum into seven areas of learning which follows the Early Years programme.  These areas are:


  • Communication and Language development
  • Physical development
  • Personal, social and emotional development


  • Mathematics
  • Understanding of the world
  • Expressive arts and design
  • Literacy


We have recently purchased a new handwriting scheme which the children are using in school and you are welcome to use it at home.

Please click on the link below:



Our main aim is to provide exciting opportunities for each child to achieve their best – this means to be able to improve constantly.  We help the children to achieve by setting them realistic challenges, telling them what they need to do to get better and then celebrating their achievements when they have achieved this on three separate occasions.

“No matter how good you get, you can always get better and that’s the exciting part!”  Tiger Woods

Extended Schools 

We provide excellent before and after school provision.  A breakfast club and after school club runs daily and there is a comprehensive list of other after school clubs which include:

Hockey, Multi skills, Gymnastics, Art and Football.  In addition to this we are proud to work in partnership with Bedfordshire Music, offering the pupils access to high quality singing and instrumental lessons  as well as many inter-sports challenges.