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North America (Year 4)

North America (Year 4)

Welcome to North America class!


We are a kind and happy class where we try our best to show how hard we are learning!

Our class teacher is Miss Bowden. 


Our Classroom Environment:

Our classroom is a welcoming learning environment where working walls support and stimulate children’s learning and we take pride in displaying our work. 



Each half term, our lessons are focused around a topic. This supports children to deepen their learning and to gain knowledge through a variety of learning styles and creative activities.

In Year 4 our topics are;

  • On Top of the World (Mountains)
  • What a Saga! (The Vikings)
  • Who Pays the Price (Water around the World)
  • Untangling the Greeks (Ancient Greece)
  • Building Britain (Countries & Cities of the UK and how it has changed)
  • Eureka! (British Inventors and Inventions since 1800’s)


Key Information:

  • Please may children come to school with a water bottleto ensure we stay hydrated.
  • Please visit Seesaw orParent Mail for messages and announcements.


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